transform your Life

Many people come to our system after years of working with therapists, nutritionists, coaches, and health consultants. Through our unique Alchemy of Ease system they find new answers that produce the shift they have been seeking. Many people feel they have unresolved trauma and are able to access forgiveness and peace for the first time since they can remember. 

Here at Encompass Life, we equip you with the tools required to examine and harness your greatest weaknesses and transform them into breakthrough strengths. With the assistance of a highly trained Encompass Life Coach, you will easily remember life is your greatest blessing.  Through this  expansion of your awareness you will experience a return of your confidence, purpose and clarity of mind and spirit.

Through our unique and reliable system, Alchemy of Ease, we can quickly identify habitual self-sabotaging behaviors. You may have decided “this is just the way life is,” resulting in an emotional numbness. Alchemy of Ease finds and transforms these belief systems with lasting results for a life of thriving. The focus is not on “fixing” our clients, but on empowering them to arrive at their own conclusions and solutions and to create better, more fulfilling, richer lives, and as a result, the atmosphere surrounding our work lives is infinitely sweeter. 

“I witnessed in myself how the power of my words along with bringing enthusiasm to the process allowed me to find patterns causing discord or “a charge” and reverse the pattern. Instead of getting rid of what appeared to cause pain or discomfort the process transforms pain or weakness into my greatest asset. I truly felt the change in myself moving my being to a higher frequency. So different from traditional therapy where you try to get rid of what is causing pain. I experienced how the system worked not only in myself but with others in my class.”

- Rhonda

Imagine it! 

You are creating and living your life at 125%.

Giving, receiving, awakening and authoring your actions and results.

Our Encompass Life Coaches partner with our clients  through both private and group coaching sessions to awaken their growth potential.  Through body language and speech patterns we reveal and empower you to shift your limiting belief systems. We easily see patterns in spoken words as well as tonal inflections and identify where you are stuck and how to reverse your patterns to produce the life of love and ease you deserve . 


transformational tuesdays!

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