Do you ever feel “I can’t do this anymore” or “this is just the way the world is”? Do you feel you are striving but missing what you truly desire in life? We partner with you to identify your burdens, shift them into blessings and bring you to a place of peace, courage trust, ease and LOVING your life

Parents and Families

Do you experience frustration in parenting your children? Are you irritated or dissatisfied in your interactions with your partner? At Encompass Life we are here to partner with you to transform your stuck relationships into extraordinary and dynamic family interaction!

Wellness Providers

Do you feel stuck or empty in your current practice but still desire to help your clients change their lives for the better? We partner with healthcare affiliates to first heal themselves from within then overflow their transformation into their practice, family and clients!


Are you already coaching clients but desire to enhance and strengthen your toolset? Our University will prepare you to be on the leading edge of consciousness with our Alchemy of Ease system. Transform your own life as well as facilitate transformations in your world!


Imagine your leadership effectiveness at 10, 20, or 30 times what it is currently. What would your life look like? We have the tools to supercharge your world through empowering you to dynamically shift your own beliefs, subconscious patterns and struggles into amazing strengths.

Live Fully Empowered!

Once you are able to name it, claim it, and identify a self-sabotaging thought form you will release the story, move out of the shame, blame, and guilt pattern and transform burdens into blessings as your fullest, most empowered life.

transformational tuesdays!

Join us for free, weekly 60 minute calls with our Encompass coaches and take hold of your transformational upgrades.  Transformational Tuesdays empower you to shift your life from surviving to THRIVING! Sign up now to save your spot!