About Traci

Traci Mahan, CHC is the owner and director of Discover Wellness in Cypress, Texas. For over 15 years, Traci has studied with some of the top names in the health and wellness industry, such as Dr. Danial Pompa and Jordan Rubin, and is excited to bring her unique tools and programs to her community. Through her personal health journey, she has discovered the key steps necessary to true physical and spiritual healing and well-being. Not only has she helped her clients drop 20-40 lbs per program, but she has helped countless people reduce chronic inflammation in the body, heal from previous emotional trauma tied to weight gain/hormone imbalance, and learn a fun, easy and maintainable lifestyle to support those changes for years to come. Traci is passionate about sharing how she took her pain to purpose, and to help others find it in themselves as well. 


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