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Our Alchemy of Ease coaching is unlike any other coaching you have come across. Encompass Life Coaches are attuned to patterns in spoken words as well as tonal inflections to identify limitations and their reversal; this quickly and easily turns your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. They are able to interpret your speech, body language, and eyes to reveal self-limiting belief systems. What we are blind to we cannot effect. Once you are able to name it, claim it, and identify your self-sabotaging thought form,  you will release the story, move out of the shame, blame, guilt pattern and transform from burdens into blessings as your fullest, most empowered life.

While other coaching styles rely on what you reveal about yourself, our coaches are able to identify hidden destructive thought patterns and shadow motivations that you don’t realize are running certain aspects of your life, whether that is in relationships, your work life, your family, or your health.

This goes beyond the Law of Attraction into the quantum physics of how you are operating and manifesting. It is no accident that you have come to our website; when you are ready you are ready.

An Encompass Life Coach can illuminate the path towards your next major upgrade.

Client testimonial

Cris Cawley shares her experience in Encompass Life. 

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evaluate your current trajectory:

  • Are you often low on energy and motivation?
  • Do you have frustration in parenting or dissatisfaction with your partner?
  • Do you feel resigned to “This is just the way the world it”?
  • Are you fed up with striving for a goal with no result?
  • Do you feel confusion about your purpose or fear about the future? 
  • Are you experiencing pain or dis-ease in your body?
  • Do you feel “I can’t or I don’t want to”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then a life coach is a great choice for you!  We partner with you so you can transform your pain into power to:

  •  Have greater enthusiasm and energy for life.
  •  Have dynamic family interactions and passionate, co-empowered relationships.
  • Consciously author your own life.
  •  Discover your life purpose and courageously live your dreams.
  • Trust your intuition.
  • Get to the root of your symptoms, heal the patterns and help you walk into health and victory.
  • Live passionately and on purpose.
  •  Love your life!
“Imagination is everything. 
It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” 

– Albert Einstein

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