Upgrade with Alchemy of Ease!

Our mission is to change lives everywhere. We create breakthroughs and awaken the human spirit in everyone as they upgrade with ease. Our coaches empower individuals, teams, and corporations to their full expression of enthusiasm and joy. We have outrageous fun while we transform the quality of people’s lives around the world. We awaken each client to consciously master and express their own gift of co-creation.



Our unique and reliable system quickly identifies habitual self-sabotaging behaviors where we may feel “this is just the way life is” resulting in an emotional numbness and replaces it with breakthrough results. With the assistance of a highly trained EncompassU Highest Choice Mentor you will easily remember life is our greatest blessing thus expanding your awareness, confidence, purpose and clarity.

Your experience: a much higher level of happiness, love and enthusiasm. As new levels of enthusiasm are attained higher levels of awareness become your new normal, contagiously spreading to all areas of your life.

Imagine it! You are creating and living your life at 125%. Where everything you do and say is manifested into your own perfect reality!

How It Works

Encompass Life Coaches are attuned to patterns in spoken words as well as tonal inflections to identify limitations and their reversal to quickly and easily turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. They are able to interpret your speech, body language, and eyes to reveal self-limiting belief systems. What we are blind to we cannot effect. Once you are able to name it, claim it, and identify this self-sabotaging thought form you will release the story, move out of the shame, blame, guilt pattern and transform from burdens into blessings as your fullest, most empowered life.

While other coaching styles rely on what you reveal about yourself, our coaches are able to identify hidden destructive thought patterns and shadow motivations that you don’t realize are running certain aspects of your life, whether that is in relationships, your work life, your family, or your health.

This goes beyond the Law of Attraction into the quantum physics of how you are operating and manifesting. It is no accident that you have come to our website; when you are ready you are ready.

An Encompass Life Coach can illuminate the path towards your next major upgrade.

We serve humans who are ready to make the shift from a life of striving into a life of thriving. We offer a safe container for private or group coaching sessions designed to upgrade your personal life. Through re-languaging your thoughts, words & feelings you will move from anxiety to ease and complaints to solutions, quickly and easily! 

transformational tuesdays!

Join us for free, weekly 60 minute calls with our Encompass coaches and take hold of your transformational upgrades.  Transformational Tuesdays empower you to shift your life from surviving to THRIVING! Sign up now to save your spot!