Our Values



Honesty is a cornerstone to transformation.  We breathe honesty in our modality.  Through open and honest communication we can gauge where you are and where you desire to go. We can effectively work with your current language patterns and beliefs to help you move from stuckness into your greatest choice and enthusiastic, thriving life. 


Your word is your bond. When you commit to something you BE-COMM-IT. We do what we say and expect follow-through on your commitments as well.  Integrity in every facet of your life is crucial to making progress and upgrades.  


We choose to be constant students, ever upgrading and expanding our awareness and consciousness. Being open and willing to learn and receive, even if it may seem contrary to your current state, invites lasting change. 


We speak what IS. There is power and magnetism in speaking truth. We make conscious heart-connections through our language and actions…listening to and speaking from our heart allows us to harmonize with one another, whether individually or in a group, and raise our vibration.

When your heart is in the game, everything changes.


Imagination is the keystone to our future, being creative with our plans and our outcomes.  

Activating your imagination and intuition allows you to move from your fight or flight reactions into your highest choice and higher brain function. 

We help ignite your imagination so you can step into what is possible every singe session. 

No judgement

We operate from a belief that the world is created through actions and results.

Instead of operating in right and wrong we operate in actions and results because divine Truth reveals a path beyond right and wrong. 

When you live from a place of making things right or wrong, you judge yourself and your choices as well as other people and theirs. When this occurs a pattern of shame, blame and guilt is created. 

To get away from this pattern of judgement and reaction we stand in a place of understanding every choice as just an action with a result; no judgement.


Gratitude holds the power to shift your reality. 

Complaining inhibits neural pathways whereas gratitude builds new ones, strengthening your brain and enhancing your ability to receive. 

Gratitude expressed to others, self and Source can enlighten the mind and make you feel happier. It has a healing effect on you.

be present

Feeling is in the present moment.

All upgrades all happen in the present moment.

Speaking what is. Power is in the NOW.

Listening and heightened awareness is excelled in the present moment.

Inner peace is full immersion into the present moment.

Use your words to call forth your blessings.

Give thanks for things yet to come.

You transform how you see the world.

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