Live events and workshops

Body Electronics designed for attendees to move from stressed out, unconscious sympathetic fight/flight, reptilian brain, survival, self-sabotage patterns to parasympathetic ease, higher brain function, thriving patterns. This upgrade is accompanied with a variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realizations and upgrades.


Transformational Tuesdays:

We welcome those interested in our community to join us for this new and exciting offering. Introducing TRANSFORMATIONAL TUESDAYS – a FREE hour long call with the opportunity to experience first-hand the potent power of Encompass Life’s toolset to upgrade with the Alchemy of Ease.   If you’ve been wondering if life coaching can help you sort through any aspect of your life, or maybe you have tried other modalities and are curious about how Encompass Life’s system works, come and join in on the fun.

The format of the 60-minute Zoom video calls will include mini coaching sessions for those present on the call in a group setting with Encompass Life’s In-House Coaches. The focus will be on as many individuals as time will allow. Group calls are a valuable way to observe, learn and support growth for one other. The patterns that surface and the decrees that are created will have purpose for everyone present on the call. These calls will be with our community, for our community.

Take hold of your transformational upgrade potential. Join us for Transformational Tuesday every week.


Spotlight Classes:

Tune in for our powerful webinar spotlight classes. Here are just a few examples of the transformative classes we offer!

Turn Your Complaints Into Blessings: Complaints are as awful to hear as a loud lawn mower. The lawn mower eventually shuts off, how do we turn off the noise of our complaints? Here you will find your power to stay and transform complaints into Beautiful Blessings.

Nutrition Made Simple: At Encompass Life, we understand how the physical and emotional bodies mirror each other and create a reaffirming cycle. By partnering our mentoring program with essential oils and supplements, we can flip perspectives and sustain our upgrades with ease.

Grounded Assessments: Assessments are words spoken as a fact but are actually subjective opinions. “Mary is a successful business person…” for example, is an ungrounded assessment. When someone believes their assessments are true, while really being false, it produces a chemical charged in the person’s body. This class provides a productive and clear way to change your language and upgrade yourself.

Upgrade your Family with Fun and Ease: This course will provide you with the tools to shift destructive relationship patterns with your children and spouse empowering your family to love and enjoy life at its fullest. 

Parenting with Ease Recorded Webinar

Do you experience frustration in parenting your children? Tune in to Encompass Life Coach Emily Clark as she helps you move from frustration into extraordinary and dynamic family interaction!

Transformational Tuesday Video Library

Are you curious about what we do at Encompass Life? Gain access to our dynamic Transformational Tuesday video library. These calls cover a multitude of hot topics focused in on transforming you and your world. These topics include: "The Power of Gratitude" , "The Key to Miracles", "Co-Dependence to Co-Empowerment", "Self-Worth and Money with Ease" and many, many more! Enroll in our library of past Transformational Tuesday Calls.

Cravings and Causes Recorded Webinar

What if the cravings you experience are really a message from your subconscious? Find out about the reason behind your cravings and upgrade your health now!

transformational tuesdays!

Join us for free, weekly 60 minute calls with our Encompass coaches and take hold of your transformational upgrades.  Transformational Tuesdays empower you to shift your life from surviving to THRIVING! Sign up now to save your spot!


get empowered! free 2-Part webinar!

Do you experience cravings or detrimental habits? Do you wish you could change them or eliminate them completely? Discover the cause of your destructive cravings in your subconscious feelings. Once the cause is replaced with conscious choices, a healthy life returns.