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About Michelle

Michelle’s journey into consciousness started with health and wellness. She grew up interested in exercise and physical health. When she started a family of her own, she came to understand how the typical American lifestyle affected health as well. This began her journey with essential oils and approaching life from a holistic point of view. She studied under a naturopathic doctor and was trained in several techniques with oils. Quickly, she began to understand how plant life can support physical bodies and our emotional bodies in a very powerful way. 

During this part of her journey, she noticed that for some people oils worked almost instantaneously and for others seemingly not at all. Why for some and not others? She was quickly introduced to our consciousness modality through someone who was “doing all the right things” to support their health – nutrition, oils, etc and their health continued to decline. As soon as this person found the emotional root of the situation and upgraded it, their health began to return very quickly. 
As Michelle began exploring this modality, she quickly discovered some patterns of sabotage in her own life. As she addressed these patterns, she noticed huge upgrades in her courage, finances, parenting, and overall effectiveness in life. 

Michelle is available for private and group coaching and teaches classes as well. She incorporates all her understanding of oils & nutrition and how they affect the brain and the body into helping her clients upgrade with ease. She is also trained in Eye Talk,  Subconscious Body Communications and Body Electronics. She loves helping her clients live their best life full of love, enthusiasm, and courage.

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