michael Matucci


About Michael

Impact mentor and transformational filmmaker, Michael draws from his incredible global life journey to ignite the Truth within powerful people. He’s lived in six continents, speaks five languages, and builds bridges of understanding and connection wherever he goes. A spiritual warrior, he loves the metaphysical nature and divine miracles possible with the Alchemy of Ease, the most powerful modality that he’s ever experienced.
Starting in the world of health and wellness with a BS in Biological Sciences and pre-med, Michael has taught fitness, nutrition, yoga, and meditation. He kept current his connection to his divine health by doing endurance races while working in international business in sales, partnership, and management. While living between Madrid and Shanghai, he felt a call to return to his hometown, New York City, and plunge into the world of the dramatic arts. He moved on from teaching and consulting to focus on the creation and production of narratives and documentaries that call attention to hidden truths and inspiring stories of people busting through trauma, crime, and abuse to shift their lives and the lives of others.
In the midst of these adventures Spirit knocked on the door of his heart.  He paused, picked up his eye from the camera, and came across the Alchemy of Ease. He immediately took to and excelled in new modes of communication and the ability to quickly reclaim the power that he’d left with others over the years. He was frequently lauded for his love and joy before diving into this modality, and now he says that he shines 1000% more and with grace and ease! The work was so impactful on his life that he felt called to share it by returning to coaching and speaking in a big way.

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