Eye talk



"The eyes are the window to the soul"

-William Shakespeare

Eyes are the windows to your soul: many people have heard this expressions, yet how do we apply this principal practically?  We talk with our eyes and we listen with our eyes.  The eyes are a record of our life experience. The eyes reveal the filters through which we are receiving and projecting information to our world.  In Iridology the eye has been charted to show the entire body and the health of the individual by reading certain markers. An Eye Talk session will reveal more than just physical limitations but subconscious patterning and belief systems which are preventing you from obtaining your highest possibility.  


Our eyes reveal how we see the world and the way we filter information both coming into our inner world as well as going to our outer world.   A filter is really a lie we tell ourselves about life. This affects our health, relationships, finances, career etc.  

The sclera is a representation of our outer world.  The pupil is our core being or who we really are; our true self. Information travels from the pupil to the sclera along fibers (notice the blue eye). All eyes have these fibers no matter the color. The straighter and denser the fibers in a person’s eye, the more effective they are in giving and receiving information from the inner and outer world. The more effective we are at transferring information, the more effective our relationship with life, love, truth..

Tree rings

In this eye photo notice what appears as a tree ring feature in the person’s eyes. The tree ring effect is an indication of negative self talk.  In other words, the person has the tendency to be hard on or criticize themselves.  When this feature is present the person will have a hard time receiving a compliment; their tone of voice may also have a complaining or angry tone. This pattern may be simply stated as “this is just the way I am or life is”.  The person has zero awareness of a possibility of change until the person can actually see it as a filter. Once identified the pattern will move from an unconscious trait to a consciously chosen trait (or new awareness).


Our eyes reveal a dynamic path to greater and greater levels effectiveness in our life.

The process

Taking Your Eye Photos

Your Eye Talk Coach you will set up a time to take your photos.  This quick and easy process uses a specialized camera for taking close up photographs of your eyes.

Your Eye Talk Session:

After getting a photo of your eyes we do a deep dive into reading and interpreting what your eyes are showing about your inner and outer world. With a basis in iridology, our system deciphers your eyes to reveal dis-ease in your body, your cravings, filters,  genetic pass-downs and what is trying to return for you. Using the information your eyes are revealing, we go in-depth with you in personal coaching sessions to co-empower you to heal and forgive past grief, anger, fear and frustration so you can have a return of trust, courage, joy, and love for your life. We identify where you have gotten stuck and help you move through your pain and into greater freedom and ease.

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