About Emily

Emily grew up in Africa as a child of missionaries and is also a world traveler. After experiencing profound struggles as an adolescent and young adult, she learned and tried many different recovery and healing modalities over the next 20 years, including traditional talk therapy, in and out patient settings, DBT life coaching and many different types of antidepressant and anti anxiety medications.  

 Emily was introduced to this system and has now been a student of consciousness for 3 years. She has remembered her love and trust for life and has been able transform stress and past pain into thriving and respect for herself.  She has also seen amazing miracles and healing in her children . She was able to profoundly shift her life in the positive ways she desired. 

After receiving coaching and experiencing a huge upgrade in her awareness, language patterns, and ability to transform challenges with ease, Emily made her decision to become a coach and help others heal and make their desired changes.

 Emily is available for group or individual clients and leads several courses.  Emily is also a powerful public speaker and will travel to share her wisdom with your group.  Her experience and expertise includes recovery from past wounds, self esteem issues, relationships, and parenting. She is also trained in Eye Talk,  Subconscious Body Communications and Body Electronics. Emily loves investing time with clients while they discover their highest choices and outcomes.  


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