Dr. Mick Mahan


About Dr. Mick

Dr. Mick Mahan, DC is a successful chiropractor with 24 years experience of owner of Discover Chiropractic ranked in the top 3% of chiropractic clinics worldwide. . He currently owns/operates Discover Chiropractic in Houston, Texas and works with his daughter Dr. Stephanie Mahan and wife Traci. Dr. Mick sought out MANY self-help methods and modalities in the past and experienced some shifts.   However the experience he had with Encompass Life’s modalities changed his life, business and relationships in a rapid, direct and profound manner. As he transformed his life with these tools his desire to become a coach moved to the forefront of his life.  He is a teacher, facilitator and student in these modalities and loves sharing his wisdom with communities. He attributes his upgrades to waking up the power of words, choices and heart’s desires. 

   Personal note from Mick

“In my journey of consciousness and coaching with Encompass Life I have healed trauma in me and my lineage. I have moved from massive co-dependence to co-empowerment. I’ve witnessed my family upgrade into higher levels of love and enthusiasm right along with me. I went from the unhealthy habit of suppressing and judging my feelings as a sign of weakness to realizing the greatest strengths. As I do this work and upgrade, my upgrades happen immediately in my family as well. I enjoy sharing the innate wisdom of body language within my practice  and empowering each client in the art of going direct for expanding levels of trusting life, confidence, enthusiasm and love. 

I inspire people to the power of their words, choices and desires. New awareness brings new choice!”


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